The Music Department, along with the Principal, took a great initiative in conducting a month long Workshop on Western Music for staff and students alike. Mr. Daniel Massey from Dehradun was invited to train the students in both vocal and instrumental music.
The students were divided into two broad categories: The Choir and The Band. Auditions were held for both groups once the children had been selected. The vocal range of the Choir was tested and it was placed in the Altos, Middle and Sopranos sections, accordingly. Some members of the Staff were also asked to lend their voice to the Choir. Tireless practicing under a demanding, hard task-master was the routine of the girls for almost 30 days! Mr.Massey brooked no evasion, no slacking and was unmitigatedly harsh with initial, half-hearted efforts of the singers. Gradually, the voices grew stronger and louder and more confident. Rehearsals became more serious and the singing acquired more power.
The Band underwent similar training. While Akivi was the lead singer, Abhilasha Jingar and Saloni alternately played the drums, Stavya, the ukulele, Simran Kumar, the bass guitar and Daniel himself was lead guitarist. Shreya Borgohain provided the back-up vocals.
The Mody School Choral Recital and Band put up its performance on Thursday, 17th August in the Auditorium from 4.00 pm. The Choir, all 80 strong of in calf-length dresses, rendered such old favourites as ‘O God, Our Help in Ages Past’, ‘Che Sera Sera’, two popular Peter, Paul Mary numbers—‘The Cruel War is Raging’ and ‘Weave, Weave, Weave Me a Sunshine’ and ended it with the haunting melody of ‘Abide With Me’. Gandhiji’s all-time favourite prayer took on a magic of its own with Mr. Parshunath Rai and his team of saxophonists and trumpeters providing background score. 

The performance of the Band, christened 2078 AD, had the audience on its feet with its rollicking numbers. Akivi’s powerful vocals brought alive Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ by Guns ‘N’ Roses, all classic rock songs. The thumping of the drums and Daniel Massey’s own fillers on the electric guitar were a treat for both music aficionados and others and will be hard to erase from the mind and heart. Three cheers for all who made this memorable event happen.
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