Global School Leaders’ Consortium proudly presents to you the Global Edu Icon -the Crusader of Education –Ms. Kajal Marwaha, Principal MODY SCHOOL, Lakshmangarh


Chemistry  proficient mentor, with two decades of experience in various schools at different profiles, Madam Marwaha is presently heading with aplomb the prestigious Mody School.

Her rapport with children have proven beneficial for all the stakeholders and helped in getting the best results.

Mrs. Marwaha is an adept communicator with excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong analytical, problem-solving & organizational capabilities and possesses a flexible and detail-oriented attitude. She has multiple certifications and courses enhancing her profile and working style .

She is a dedicated leader who is expertise in managing administrative activities entailing event management, faculty appraisal/ training, and upholding the institutions.

Ms.Kajal Marwaha has conducted IGCSE Chemistry Workshop for MISA for two consecutive years 2020 & 2021 as a Lead Facilitator.

She is skilled in deploying various methodologies to analyze as well as initiate modifications to different courses and enable students to have a diverse and global path for continued lifelong learning.

GSLC is elated to have her gracious presence as a part of this enthralling process of recognition and appreciation to celebrate and commemorate her contribution and achievements.

The Global Edu Icons of the year 2022-23 – Rendezvous with Excellence Personified.


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