A Sunday morning might be a lazy one for some but for an artist, it provides a day full of creative activity. On 27th August, Mody school organized a T-shirt painting competition for the girls. In the morning, they were up and about in the field which was all set with a pandal and speakers for music. T-shirts and paints in hand, the school grounds were dotted with girls everywhere, splashing paint into the T-shirts. Once they were finished, they put the shirts on over the clothes they were already wearing and paraded around the ground wearing their own creations. The theme was ‘Panache’ and it was very well justified as was evident by the stylish and unique designs they made on the T-shirts. Some drew pirates, some drew unicorns, some drew skulls and some wrote down inspirational quotes as well! The girls had a gala time and the Sunday morning was put to good use, rather than being wasted in idling around in their pyjamas.

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