Mody School seeks to provide quality education for all students, taking account of their age, background, ability and interests. It helps students to become self directed, life long learners who can create a positive future for themselves and for the wider community.

For this to occur, schools need to be places where every student can learn and grow with confidence. Students develop best in schools where teaching and learning occur in a context of student welfare.

Schools need to be safe and happy places for students and their teachers. Student welfare is enhanced when all members of the school community participate in the learning programmes and life of the school.

For Student Welfare, Mody School:-

creates a safe, caring school environment in which students are nurtured as they learn
is achieved through the total school curriculum and the way it is delivered

  • incorporates effective discipline
  • incorporates preventive health and social skills programmes
  • stresses the value of collaborative early intervention when problems are identified
  • recognises the diversity within the school community and provides programmes and support
  • which acknowledge difference and promote harmony
  • recognises the role that the school plays as a resource to link families with community
  • support services
  • provides opportunities for students to:
  • enjoy success and recognition
  • make a useful contribution to the life of the school
  • derive enjoyment from their learning.

We provide effective learning and teaching within secure, well-managed environment, in partnership with parents and the wider school community.

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