As a part of the Mody Education foundation having over 3 decades of experience in educating girls and transforming them into women, School of Etiquette and Finishing Skills (SEFS) brings to all girls a host of unique courses to help them transition into suave, self assured leaders, who are poised and confident in all facets of life whether it is handling a job, home or even being an entrepreneur.

Come here to learn and retain the best of the Indian and International cultures, values and etiquette. Become an all rounder who can switch roles smoothly across personas, be it the poised and elegant lady hosting a perfect dinner for a foreign guest, the suave business executive or the young leader giving a public speech in front of hundreds of people.

Activity based learning will help the students to understand the practical knowledge application and give them plenty of practice to hone their skills and ensure that the knowledge transforms into a life skill which they carry with themselves forever.

SEFS will provide the competitive edge necessary in today’s competition driven world.

In addition to its exclusive courses SEFS has also designed a unique program for students of Mody School, embedded in the school curriculum, to gear them up for their after-school life.

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