Personal Counselling

Counselling means to clear the mind from worries and tension. In the counselling sessions we aim at trying to decrease the tension levels especially during exams and also make them ready to face stress of life both in school and outside. We aim at the mental well being of a child and see to it that they are happy and well balanced in life.

We have special classes on ‘Life Skills’. Run by counselors who have vast experience in working with children, the classes cover most of the issues concerning teenagers and life in a boarding school. Interactive yet informative, they do our girls a world of good. The girls get an avenue to express themselves freely and values are imparted alongside. The emotional upheavals and uncertainties of adolescence along with major and minor irritants are dealt with effectively by him.

Career Counselling

American author Napoleon Hill has wisely remarked, “No man can succeed in a line of endeavour which he does not like” and it’s very true, indeed. One needs to be on the right career track coupled with an appropriate set of skills to flourish outright. However, deciding which career to opt for has been, is and will always be a daunting task for many, especially young teenagers, who are faced with numerous career choices and are constantly bombarded with unsought, frivolous advise from virtually every one they meet in today’s world.

The best place from where young teens can solicit reliable career advise is their secondary schools. Undoubtedly, secondary school occupies an important place in a teenager’s life as many facets of his/her life are associated with it. His/her personality and ideology of life begins evolving there; he/she starts developing social skills and most importantly, a student’s knowledge bank expands at school.

In Mody School, we offer an effective career guidance for students to select the careers of their choice. We conduct Special study counseling and career counselling by experts, senior faculty from other schools and specially appointed counsellors. We also conduct talks by resource persons from various fields such as Defence Services, Engineering & Medical Colleges, Managements, Chartered Accountancy Firms, Universities etc.

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