Collaborative Round square on environmental sustainability was held at Mody School. It was an event that attracted many delegates from all over the country of 10 Schools. Throughout the conclave, students had a wide range of activities and opportunities for learning, which made it an enriching and wholesome experience. The host and speaker opened with warm greetings, Principal Ms. Nishi Rana”s Welcome Speech before the singing of  Ganesh Vandana began with a prayer. As part of his quiz, the renowned environmentalist Mr. Nipun tested our knowledge about birds. Through a video, Mr. Khatri was soon introduced to our curious minds. In addition to explaining how to build bird nests and help the birds, Mr. Khatri also answered Q&A from the audience. Mr. Nipun was back after a short break to teach us about e-waste. It was a tricky topic, but nonetheless interesting. Day 1 concluded with a Q and A session. 

On day 2, students had a feedback session, and then Mr. Vipul, an IIT-ian, began his lesson on biodiversity. During the Q&A session, some interesting questions were asked. As a final note, we had an opportunity to meet Mr. Animesh, a naturalist. Birds were among the things he taught us. As soon as the statement of collaboration and vote of thanks was concluded, it was over.  

Many delegates from various schools over the nation participated in a vibrant and well-organized collaboration by Mody school, Lakshmangarh from 23th to 24th July. The conclave had a wide range of activities and opportunities for learning, making it an enriching wholesome experience for the students. Students and staff were encouraged to recognise and discover the attitudes and skills that will enable them to ‘Escape the Ordinary’. An excellent example of a truly student-led event, the collaborative programme was specifically designed to spark inquisitiveness in its young delegates and to offer the IDEAL environment to foster peer-to-peer learning. “The idea of the sessions was to allow kids to interact, and show each other that we should stop allowing ourselves to be fit into a headline, that names us all as if we are one, ”We are different people, with unique qualities and abilities, and even though we keep telling ourselves , we have to find out on our own just how different from the normal we are. And Then show it.” Keynote speakers included Mr. Rakesh Khatri, a renowned film photographer who shared with us his personal experiences and lessons that he had gained throughout his life. The teaching of bird nests was an honorable one and shall never be forgotten. The blessing of a bird is much greater than anything else is his catch. Then we had Mr.Nipun Kaushik, a National Law University of Gujrat alumnus, basically a lawyer by education and an environmentalist at heart, said and truly believed that sustainability and e-waste management behold a great power to save the future generations. We all are just a bit lazy however if we try, even a little we can enforce blue and green dustbins into our lives. Mr.Vipul Sharma, an IITian and a specialist in Development & Sustainability issues. He was firm with his opinion about Biodiversity and its importance. It’s us who have acquired the land where the animals live, not only that we have also created pollution. Nevertheless, we should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity. Last but certainly not the least we had Mr.Animesh Kapoor a naturalist who has held 20 workshops on environmental conservation with Hindustan Times, made us realize the evolution among animals and how nature revolves around change.The plunge in birds and animals population is a saddening event but we still have time to improve. Each speaker centralised their talks on the Collaboration theme and linking directly to the Round Square IDEALS. Round Square follows 6 ‘IDEALS.’ Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Over the 2 days of the online conclave the delegates got to fulfil all  6 ‘IDEALS.

 The world, as we know it, is rapidly changing and it is the current generation’s responsibility to do something about it. If we keep ignoring this fact, it is only going to get worse for us. The Future is upon us. The Future is Now. With this I rest my words. I wholeheartedly Thank  All Schools for being part of this event.  

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