MODY SCHOOL students have been awarded Merit Certificates by CBSE for securing a position in the top 0.1% Merit list of 2020.

The school Principal, Ms. Nishi Rana, congratulating students, parents and staff for Outstanding Academic Performance of students in 2020 results reflected by 0.1% merit certificate awarded to them at Secondary School Examination said, ” The school feels proud and juniors will always look up to them for inspiration, sharing knowledge and guiding them for future success in the educational trajectories at MODY SCHOOL.” School Principal, Ms. Nishi Rana, expressed the students’ erudition as an exemplary feat that would keep raising Read more…


Colorful and cheerful success knocked Mody School door well in advance before Holi could sprinkle its vibrant colours. Mody School was awarded THE BEST RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS in the country by ASIA EDUCATION SUMMIT AND AWARDS 2021, on Thursday, 25th March 2021 at Delhi.Ms. Nishi Rana, Principal Mody School received the award gladly and modestly exclaimed that the award was the fruit of entire Mody School’s Staff meticulous efforts.


On 17th March, 2021 Tokyo Institute of Technology organized a very knowledgeable and interesting webinar to promote International studies in Japan. XI and XII Sci students reaped the benefit of the webinar.  The program illustrated about Magnetic sense in animals and also explained the experiment performed by various scientists. Two international students from Tokyo Tech explained, how studying in Japan is effective. They also shared their academic experience with the attendees. Students could extract information Read more…

Glimpses of National Science Day activities

28 FEBRUARY 2021: “The Science of today is technology of tomorrow” National Science day is a great opportunity to make students aware of Science and technology and develop their interest in the subject.Following activities were planned to celebrate Science in Mody School: *Science Debate – Class Xl and XllTopic: Excessive use of Technology- Blessing or Curse Speech competition- Class IX and XTopic: Women in Science/Science and Technology for a sustainable future.*Essay Writing competition- Class IX Read more…

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