We are living in a world of constant ambiguity, and limitless changes. In these tough times when all generations are suffering, Mody School believes that today’s youth must be ready to bring about a change in today’s society. A long-awaited change, one which will transform the world. Aimed towards bringing an end to prolonged suffering and constant battles against social injustice.

Transitioning into a sustainable future is not only urgent but inevitable. With every crisis, it becomes more comprehensible that our problems are growing bigger. But to successfully tackle what could be the biggest challenge in human history, it is necessary to make intense changes in our society.

Showing faith in these words MSMUN’21 urges the youth of the present to come up and utilize this platform to shape their minds into those of critical thinkers and build them into future leaders and transformers. Change respected readers is not just a mere word to our team, metamorphosis we believe is a set of consistent changes whose outcome is rather magnificent. It is time that we can provide form and shapes to our ideas for the economic development of society.

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