On the 30th of August, under the rising sun, Mody School marked the beginning of its second edition of Mody School Model United Nations. The MSMUN’18 strives to discuss international issues through its thematic motive of “enhancing global development” with its four committees. The Opening Ceremony commenced with the arrival of Ma’am Principal and sharing of words of warm hospitality by Head Girl, Ms. Astha Kumari. This was followed by an informative video on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals were “envisaged to be an international framework to enable countries to better target and monitor progress across all three dimensions of sustainable development in a coordinated and holistic way.” They are a helping hand for achieving quantitative objectives such as quality education, climate action, peace and justice, etc. This was followed by Ma’am Principal’s address to the gathering where she brought the attention to the importance of youth in changing the global scenario for the betterment of the society and the environment. Mody girls also presented a song to depict the “Goddess in every woman” and focus on the devastation in Kerala due to the destructive floods. The mic was then handed over to the Deputy Secretary General, Ms. Radha Agarwal who discussed that munning leads to better acceptance and respect for every individual’s opinion and view. The delegates, executive board and the other dignitaries were also reminded of the fact that Mother Nature doesn’t require humans but in fact humans require Mother Nature for their bare survival through another short video. Later, the Secretary General, Ms. Shreya Singh spoke to the gathering and introduced the committees, agendas and the chairpersons. The first committee was United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)-3 that is Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs Committee (SOCHUM) with the agenda” Achieving Gender Equality”. The second is the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with its topic being “Poverty Reduction”. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was the third committee with its agenda as “Reducing Global Food Wastage” and World Health Organization (WHO) being the fourth with its topic as “ Clean Water and Sanitation”.  The Opening ceremony concluded with the high tea and the delegates headed to their respective committee rooms.
The entire day passed with a blink of an eye as the delegates engaged in discussions on the deliberative agendas once the Board of Directors had cleared the Rules of Procedures. The zeal and energy of the delegates was evidently visible even at the end of the first day.
On the 31st, the sun was shining overhead a little mercilessly but the young diplomats took no consideration of that and kept their focus on  finding solutions to these general yet highly complicated and impact-creating international issues. It being the second day, the flow and direction of debate was correctly set and the committees witnessed the delegates finding sub-agendas and occupying constructive criticism and appreciation of previously implemented laws and resolutions. The evening was beautifully completed with the Principal’s Dinner where all the delegates had some chit-chat.
The third and the final day was surely the most intense one. The morning sessions saw the dedication of all the delegates toward problem-solving during the making of the draft resolutions. This was coupled with the highly heated press conference conducted by the International Press Corps in the committees. All the four committees passed with flying colours as the resolutions were passed with clear majority. The conference came to an end with the felicitation of the Executive Board and the escort teachers along with the declaration of the award winners. The Secretariat was also acknowledged for their efforts and Secretary General and Deputy Sec-Gen shared their thoughts on the contribution each person can have in making this world a better place to live in. Farewells were bid amidst delegates and Executive Board in the hope of meeting each other some other day. Those three days became a gain and a lesson for a lifetime.

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