On the third day of Founder’s Day Celebration, Mody School presented the Annual Ballet, ‘Akshat Paurushi Maharani Lakshmi Bai’-  A Poignant Tribute to Courage and Resilience.  Rani Lakshmi Bai, remains an iconic figure in Indian history for her bravery, leadership, and unwavering spirit during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Her remarkable story has inspired countless generations, and it was fittingly brought to life through the artistry of ballet. This ballet production paid homage to her indomitable courage and enduring legacy.

The audience was spellbound with the exceptional performance of the young actors who truly transformed  the auditorium of Mody School  into the era of the  greatest warrior of her time – none other than the Jhansi ki Rani. Through captivating choreography, evocative music, and powerful storytelling, it enchanted the audience.  Everyone appreciated the staff and students for the extra-ordinary performance and congratulated the Principal Ms Charu Sharma for her outstanding leading skills that made this evening a grand success.

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