“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
George Bernard Shaw
The interesting idea of merging nutrition and taste buds of the young learners was the crux of the whole ISA activity “ Fun Food Quiz” conducted and organized by the  Department of English .
Three teachers elucubrated for making this activity a successful one. The activity was conducted for students of Grade VIII. Three countries were chosen and Children were initiated towards this activity by luring them with the names of the dishes they were going to study in this activity. The learning was made interesting with a Power Point Presentation which was explained to the learners so as to have clear idea of the cuisines as well as the nutritional values for the same. Children showed a lot of enthusiasm and vigor for the same as can be substantiated by the pictures and videos.
To ensure maximum participation, it was all inclusive. A questionnaire was prepared and the learners were seated in one room…under the supervision of four teachers.  
A questionnaire of thirty questions was prepared. The activity was ideally scheduled for forty minutes…test duration was thirty minutes while five minutes each were kept in hand for settling the learners and collecting the papers respectively.
The learners were keen on discussing the answers which monopolized the next ten minutes but the session turned out to be recriprocal since learners were eager to contribute so as ensure that their answers are correct.

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