Mody school, Lakshmangarh has organised an International Art Meet on its campus from 9th -12th October 2019 .A phenomenal occasion in which we had the guest artists from all around the globe.
In these four days of workshop, our girls not only learnt the skills of drawing and sketching but also exposed to the final nuances of using light and angles of maximum affect. The entire school fraternity got the chance to feast their eyes on the output of our students and guest artists which was put on display at the culmination of the workshop. 
We had the guests from nearby school like Asha Academy School and some parents also who appreciated the event a lot. All the children and teachers enjoyed this respite from their normal schedule and immerse themselves in a world of colours. This was indeed a great opportunity for our budding artists to tap their artistic potential and discover the talent in the field of painting. 

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