Birds at Campus

In the on-going journey of blooming brilliance, the univerisity has come up as a beatifully landscaped campus over 265 acres of land with gushing waterfalls and fountains, well kept orchards, lush green lawns, colourful flowerbeds, forest belt and water bodies that make a perfect location and environment for pleasant life and learning. The peaceful, calm and pollution-free environment of the University campus is innately conducive to contemplation, growth, learning and overall development of the young girl’s body and mind, which also bring the students and the teachers close to the Nature. The vast grounds, water bodies and the greenery of the campus provide habitation to over 128 varieties of birds and 14 types of butterflies that have been identified and certified by ornithologist, lepidopterists and by retired officers from the World Wildlife Fund and Nature Conservation Organisaton who make two visits to the University Campus. The newly created water body has started attracting migratory birds too for seasonal sojourn and nesting. The chirping birds, quacking ducks, dancing peacocks, foraging squirrels, pecking woodpeckers, humming bees and grazing sheep create an aesthetically pleasing and enchanting environment that stimulates as much as it sooths the human heart. The students become a part of the serenity of Nature and on this sprawling campus they get ample space and opportunity to student in solitude and they become environmentally conscious and responsible for the growth of mother Earth and Nature.
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Mody University nurses and maintains thousands of trees of over 300 different species. Such a large scale plantation has also helped control soil erosion and promotes rains. Besides thriving of inhabitat fauna and flora, the Horticulture department of the university keeps on adding climate friendly and medicinal plants and the department is always on toes to visit national level nurseries in order to find new species of plants and shrubs. Hence the preservation of flora and fauna at Mody University campus, the overall beauty of Nature is maintained and is beneficial for ecology. It has become an excellently worth-living and worth-visiting place full of attractions with the rare species of birds, butterflies and plants which enhance the aesthetic value and provide opportunities for studies, meditation and even for recreation.

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