Campus Life

The day in the life of a student at Mody School is a long one; it starts as early as 06:00hrs and ends at lights out at 22:00hrs.

This long day ensures that the student, at the end of the day, is tired, exhausted, and willing to “crash” into deep slumber, only to be woken up the next day at the crack of dawn.

Life at Mody is tough but rewarding.

The student is involved in several areas – all of them, in a sense, a slice of life – from academics and serious interaction within the classroom, library, teachers, to intense research on the net, problem solving and achieving self worth.

Sports – Almost two hours of rigorous exercise both in the morning and evening ensure physical fitness and a healthy mind.

Extra-curricular activities, debate, drama, music and all aspects of life demand discipline, focus, concentration and ensure release of the tensions built up during the day.

Educational tours to places of historical and contemporary significance help broaden their minds and make them imbibe the virtues of team work and solidarity.

A feeling of fellowship and social awareness is developed amongst the students through their constant interaction with people from all walks of life. They enrich their lives by volunteering their time and services for the less privileged.

There is plenty of day to day interaction with peers, juniors and the teaching community.

Life at Mody emulates real life, where there are occasion of great joy coupled with moments of contemplation, sharing the ups and downs with friends, seeing life through a prism of events.

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