“Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”


Three days of fierce munning the BPS MUN 2017 came to an end, there were 202 delegates from different schools. The conference had most of the main bodies of the United Nation (United Nation Human Rights Council UNHRC, United States Security Council UNSC, and Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW) including the International Court of Justice ICJ which is rarely seen in MUNs circuit and a historic committee the Senate of Rome – 44 B.C SPQR. With very less time of research the students of our school gave an excellent performance and were able to win two awards (Shristi Lakara, Muskaan Sehgal); though it wasn’t possible if they weren’t keen to do it. It all went as the white lining of a cloud; all smooth and calm.  Shristi Lakara being in UNHRC was able to win the best delegate and Muskaan Sehgal was in International Press won the best reporter. Sambhvi and Vasundhar in UNSC, Amrita in UNHRC, Pavitra in ICJ and Shweta in OPCW and Ipshita in SPQR (her committee was declared the best committee of the conference)   being in such diplomatic and consular committees these girls did really well. There were many first timers who performed very well, our escort teacher Krishna Ma’am played an important role in encouraging the girls. Apart from encouraging she was very caring and calm even though the girls were late in the morning. Distant from munning the girls were very good at socializing which helped them to make many new friends. Three days went with in the blink of an eye, the delegates had unforgettable memories.  The first day started with commencing of the committees with giving a bang bang performance Shristi and Muskaan had set their foot in the conference. On second day; the committees had started with preparation of the resolution; this day ended with the socials which is one of the best parts of the MUN. Being the most hectic day of the conference the third day; the resolutions were passed and press releases were released, thought these three days resulted fruitful.


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