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The most sincere and heart felt thank you to all the teacher’s who provided us all with support gudiances and precious life lessons, your Students will always keep you in their heart.
Before meeting you, I never thought that a person could be a teacher, Support,Mentor and philospher all in one thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
Mere words could never express my gratitude to you all for truely caring there for me. thank you for teaching me lessons that we will carry throughout my life journey an giving me find classroom memories I will treasure forever.
Next to our Mother’s and father’s we spend more time with our teacher’s growing up than with my other adult you will always have been such an amazing teacher’s and friend I will always be thankfull to have been taught by you all.
After my passing my school Life I would always say because of teacher’s of Mody school that I have pass till here. I will miss my school life… beautiful campus every where positivity…what ever we did weather it’s right or wrong.
Thank you so much. mody school.

Stay Safe Take care

Sneha Chhattani

Alumnae Mody School

I was 9 years old when I came to Mody, a student of grade 3. The class was full and Roshni Ma’am was teaching us English. Little did i understand what was taught in the class. I barely spoke English. I hail from a small town in Rajsthan Called Hanumangarh.

I feel fortunate that I was sent to a boarding school like Mody. I spent the most amazing 10 years of my Life at the school. There are various things I am thankful about to the school and it’s wonderful teachers. So thakful to teachers like Sujata ma’am, Rakhsha Ma’am, Kiram Ma’am, Bina Ma’am, Ramachand Ma’am, Manjeet Sir and Devaram Sir. They treated us like their kids and loved us like our parents. I just named a few of them here, but so many other teachers made a huge impact on our lives. I am what i am because of what i learnt at school and not because of the university degrees I have today.

First and foremost I made life long incredible Friends, that I still talk to. The confidence that I gained and the leadership qualities I have is unbelievable. I have become a successful independent woman. I owe it all to the teachers of the school.

A sheet of paper will be short to describe the experiece that I had at Mody. As I write there is a rush of memories in my head.If I am punctual at work today it is because we were taught to wake up on time and be on time for everything. If I have good table manners and I finish my meal completely its because I was part of a school that taught us to do that.

I have met people from different walks of life, all I hear is praises for my mannerism and often get asked where did I do my schooling from. Where do I get my habits from? My answer has always been, “I went to a boarding school that taught us well”. 

If I could i would love to relive those golden years of my life all over again. Its been 9 years since I passed out from school and I have a clear memory of all those yeras that I spent there.

After passing out from Mody, I went to Amity University (Noida) for higher education Completed my Bachelors in Business administration. After that I went to University of Fraser Valley (Canada) for my Masters In Business. I worked different jobs in Finance industry, Currently working for Royal Bank of Canada as a Investment Manager.

Navtej Sidhu

Alumnae Mody School

Linking Past to Present 



If somebody asked you to sum up ten years of your life and not just any ten but the best ones, could you do it? Well this article is one such for me. It is not easy but it is worth a million try.

I joined Mody when I was merely eight years old. I remember vividly while going through the prospectus, I came across a picture of horse riding and instantly fell in love with it and I was sure I had to go to this beautiful place.

When I came here I didn’t like it in the beginning, I missed home too much. I would often cry. I loved the classes and also the sports hours but as soon as I came back to hostel I would miss home. It took me few years (yes years) to settle down. But once I did, my roots became as firm as that of a banyan tree in the ground and began to flourish. I must have been in fifth grade by then. I had started discovering my strengths, my likes, my hobbies. I fell in love with horse riding and Basketball. I won’t say they were a part of my life because they were my life and so much more. I did riding for five years and started with Basketball side by side and later on became inseparable from it. 

I still remember the times when my eleventh grade physics teacher used to be so mad at me and my mates whenever we went for tournaments and missed our classes; eating Maggie and getting caught by our warden; waiting in queue for hours so that we could call home just for 300 seconds once a week, the ring of the bell, the sound of the National Anthem and the cheering and jeering during the Basketball matches. My taste buds still crave for the mouth watering shaahi paneer and the delicious cheese chilli toast we enjoyed in the mess on sundays. Those long walks after dinner with friends like we owned the streets, those were some days, some really good old days.

School has taught me so much, I can’t even begin to describe because then I might end up writing a novel rather than an article. But to jot down a few I would say it has taught me how to face the hardships, to be humble, grateful and so much more. It made me realize that the family back at home is not the only family I have. I have a family away from my real one. My teachers and my friends, they were that family.

I don’t think winning the Mody Blue, the best sports person or securing the highest marks in biology is my achievements. My achievements are those calls from my maths teacher to tell me she misses our batch even after so many years have passed by, my accomplishments are when a teacher tells me if she ever had a daughter she wants her to be like me; it is when I get a “How are you?” from my geography teacher or when I get a message from my juniors. Yes, they may be little things but they are the most precious things and they matter. This is what my school has taught me.

When I joined in 1999 it was merely a school for me but when I was leaving in 2009 it seemed like I am bidding farewell to my home. I came here with tears in my eyes and left it with the same and the reasons were two worlds apart. School had become home away from home.

I am a dental surgeon now. I still play Basketball, as I said, I was and I still am inseparable from the game. Don’t you ever believe, even a word of it when someone says you can’t be good at both sports and academics. My seniors who were my inspiration (including my elder sister who happened to be the best district player and also a Mody Blue) always made me believe if you love it with all your heart, you will do it. If academics make me the dental surgeon I am today, then basketball gives me the strength to get back up and fight whenever I fall. After all falling down isn’t failure, it is when you decide not to get up.

School days were the best days. It is a different world from the outside world yet it prepares you so well to face it in the most positive way. You grow strong and independent. You learn to stay away from your family. But there is definitely one thing it doesn’t teach you and that is to stay away from yours friends. I guess that’s the tough part of being here in Mody.

And lastly to all my dear juniors, you are at the best place, a place synonymous to home and this is the best time of your life, after all you learn the best from the best to give out your best. Today it might seem just like an ordinary day at school but years later when you will look back to this day, you will see an extraordinary memory. 

Dr. Anwetakshmi Ray (B.D.S)

Alumnae Mody School

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