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Principal Blog

 I’ve got a woman’s ability to stick to a job and get on with it when everyone else walks 

off and leaves it!
This may sounds very much like arrogance, but Margaret Thatcher’s words have 
definitely been echoed by many women who refuse to give in or give up on a job that 
they have willingly undertaken. This is the quality of perseverance and it works best 
when we outline our challenges and devise the most effective plans to overcome them.
Heading an all-girls School becomes a rewarding task when the students are taught to 
realize and understand the qualities of decisiveness and determination in an ever-dynamic 
world. Being brow-beaten by a stronger force should never be an option! That’s a 
valuable lesson to learn in one’s formative years for it not only shapes the girls, it shapes 
their very destiny!
Like the Iron Lady who lived her life as an Exclamation rather than an Explanation, I 
hope all my girls find their place in life --- proudly and confidently!
Ms. Meeta Sharma
Principal – Mody School