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Message from the Head of SchoolMessage from the Head of SchoolMessage from the Head of SchoolMessage from the Head of SchoolMessage from the Head of School
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Message from the Head of School

These are challenging, yet invigorating times in the life of academicians, educationists, teacher-facilitators, et al. Living in an indisputable climate of globalisation, it is important to equip ourselves with the tools most suited to stride ahead in all aspects of learning and acquiring information. It is also necessary to have a work-culture in place, where each one of us feels an integral part of the system, where growth of the self and the organisation is unequivocally tied together and where we take pride in our efforts to excel on a daily basis by giving it our best shot. Here, at Mody School, both these ideals are deeply ingrained in all of us.

At a time, when competition, one-upmanship and hard-sell have become bywords for success, it is easy to lose sight of the core values that keep us moored to our conscience.

I stand by a code of ethics that holds sacred the ideas of honesty, truth, patience and compassion. No matter how high we climb the greasy pole of success, we will always be found deficient in a very basic way if we let go of our values on our way upward.

After all, these are the spurs that make us do the right things in the right way.

Best Wishes