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Fate and Duty
One day fate and duty had a talk none of them wanted to stop. Fate said : I am the most powerful you alone can’t make a human life happy. You have no words to say. Let us stop this discussion here. I am powerful than you, dear! Oh! Wait, my friend, duty added. Let me say something now it’s my turn to express my feelings, I am the essence of the human life, which makes him healthy, wealthy, and wise. Man who has trust in his duty, never waits for fate. But said fate, humans have to bow their heads before me early or late. No one can go against my consideration- man has to accept it without any hesitation. Who has good fate gets success in every work. Not only this but also on auspicious days, they say Good Luck.
Duty said, you are nothing but an unknown tomorrow. And I am today who beautifies the future , having no sorrow. Man who works today can change his fate. He will get success whether you love or hate you make hard working men idle, because his luck solves his money riddle. At last, their debate came to stop. The conclusion putting Today at the top. Today intruded in mid of their discussion- To make a good way his future and the past is alas! past. So, there is only Today in your hand, at last. God gives every man two qualities i.e. fate and duty, but he has full command only upon his duty, then duty was considered the winner of the discussion. Fate has a little bit of hand in the success of man. But depend upon your duty as early as you can.

-Ativi Rani, XI-B2

Indian Women – Where Are We!
The creation of a woman was the crowning, final and the most glorious moment of human creation.
In our country people worship Goddess Durga even the rivers are given the name of a female like Yamuna, Ganga, Kaveri, Saraswati, etc. But, at the same time, I would like ask everyone, if we really respect the females of our society???
No, will be the answer from half of the people. Even now female infanticide of killing of the girl child is being practised in our society. Till date females are victims of domestic violence. They are being tortured for dowry, which is a crime. No one is raising a voice against this. Why?
Why are girls becoming a prey?
Our country is a democratic one. Everyone is free to do whatever they want to do but still women are caged and restricted.
Everyday on the first page of a newspaper we come across the headlines that a newly born girl child is thrown in dustbins here and there.
Even today, people think that girls are a burden and are meant to do only household work. But, nowadays, girls are equal to boys. Girls can do each and everything that a boy can.
The one who put the girl child into the dustbin cannot understand that he/she has come into this world because of a female.
Citizens of country should remember this fact that without girls everything is incomplete. A women is the only person in this whole universe who can become a Mother, who can give birth to a child. God has given this gift to a woman only.
A woman has power and strength in herself. God has made woman elegant, beautiful, responsible and creative who has many duties to perform.
Girls in today’s world have topped in all the fields, be it academics, sports or cultural in all parts of the world. But, girls are being exploited everywhere in every corner of India.
Today, a girl cannot even walk alone on the road at night after work. Why?? In every newspaper, the headlines say that girls are raped, murdered, etc. We say our country is independent where everyone is free to do anything, but girls have not got independence from torture, from domestic violence…
There are some females who tolerate this violence and ill treatment.
They do not have the courage to come forward and speak for their rights. I would advise them to come forward and take the steps against such activities.
Nowdays, we have NGOs and women welfare centres who work for the welfare of women in society. There are many schools, colleges and universities which have been opened for girls (exclusively for women) to help in the uplift of girls in our society.
Why are they underestimated???
These questions remain as questions. There are no answers for these questions.
The reality is that no one respects females in our society and they don’t know the real worth of females.
At last, but not the least, please say No to female foeticide that every child is a gift of God.
So long as women are in chains the people are not free.
Hence, I want to sign off by saying that let them breathe, give them their freedom. Girls, we can achieve more than everyone else.
Be bold and say proudly-
I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.

-R. Mira Saraswathi Iyer, XII-C2